Request to partners


Dear Partner


Blessing TV and Prophet LN Justin have appreciated your commitment toward this ministry especially in this challenging time.


We have a new commitment  with the building of WCCC Private Hospital and Blessing TV that needs to be taken back on air for that we need eighteen thousand US Dollar per month with three years contract.


We humble request your monthly contribution toward this commitments.

Please, let us know how much will be your monthly subscription toward this media evangelism that can change your community.


Those who have already or would like to have our paypal account, they may authorise a monthly recurring payment with our paypal account which can be found in our website :


Thanking you in advance and hope to hear from you soon


Remain blessed


wheelchair donationProphet LN Justin

+27 63 036 7015



Or alternatively, please, fill out the form below to specify the type of your donation  or contribution and we will contact you, thank you.

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