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Technical Parameters of the DVB-S platform Satellite System: Intelsat 20 Ku Band 68.5Eº
Orbit position: 68.5 Degrees East
Transponder: EF29K
Symbol rate: 26657
FEC rate: 2/3
Modulation: QPSK
Downlink frequency: 12602
Downlink polarization: Vertical


DSTV Settings for Blessing TV

To set up BLESSING TV on DSTV please follow the steps below:

Satellite: Intelsat 20 ( Intelsat 20 Ku Band 68.5Eº )

Go to Public IS/7 and follow the steps below:

1. Menu.
2. Advance Options.
3. Dish installation [Dish Installation (Pin = 9949)]
4. Scroll to Network 2,
5. Use left arrow and scroll/

Change [Network 2] to [DStv IS 7/10  OR IS20]  or to change to OTHER and press [OK]                                         

6. Press “OK” button.

Enter the following settings:
7. Freq and press OK, change values to 12602 and press OK.
8. Symb and press OK, change value to 26657 and press OK.
9. FEC use L/R arrows to change to 2/3 and press OK.

Polarity: vertical

Modulation: qpsk
10. Scroll to 11 and press OK to accept the new settings.

Saving And Scan

11. Scroll to 9, SCAN ALL NETWORKS and press OK.

Your decoder will now attempt to find the satellites as per these settings and you have to give it sometime.
After the scan is complete, you may access these NEW channels as follows:

12. Press TV button.
Use U/D arrows to scroll to “Public IS7″ and press OK

Check now Blessing TV, you may see the word Bless...

Decoder Strong
Get Decoder STRONG


Get Blessing TV here under DSTV General Settings of Public Channels