Words of encouragement by R Blaise Djongoue – comments

Dear Prophet Justin.

My names are R Blaise Djongoue and I reside in the UK.I Am a  UK citizen.I came  cross your Ministry on YouTube and since that faithful day my life has change completely. I learned so much from your teaching and now I also have a  better understanding of the  demonic world we are living in.I thanks God for  raising such a humble man of God like you. In fact your humility and humbleness is beyond measures.

I have untroduced  so many people here in the UK through your Ministry. Your YouTube channel is their daily bred now they can’t go without it. I believe by faith many will be delivered just by watching on YouTube.

I don’t know if people in Bostwana or in South Africa understand how lucky they are to have such a man of God like you  that can easily deal with all their problems in a twinkle of an eyes,from  deliverance,  Marital issue,  Recreation of organe through divine healing etc….We don’t have it here in Europe. We are bind  in bondage here with all our problems, because of lack of  propre direction in churches,Churches in Euro have money but no Fire at all,people are sitting in churches with no hope, many are demoms possess many have terminal deseases no one to help.. Sinners are in churches sining Monday to Sunday no one to set them free . It is a disaster.

churches in Europe is more like a foot ball ground today,No power, no healing. It is more of a teaching Bible like philosophy, entertainment,speak or preach eloquently,preaching sweet gospel to make people feel good from  the outside , making friends, untroducimg people for marriages and building projects.etc…there are no prope agenda for the coming of the Messiah, nothing regarding  Holyness, righteousnes , repent and turn away from sin,sick the kingdom first and everything shall be added to you, Building people inside spiritually and prepare them for the coming our Lord and  Saviour Jesus Christ,   without holiness nobody shall see the Lord.

Preaching the bitter gospel in Europe doesn’t exist. They all preach the sweet gospel,the feel good message from the outside the (flesh) the type of gospel people want to hear and sit in churches comfortably in sin, but the  bitter gospel, the gospel of the  cross and blood, this type gospel have power to heal and deliver. they don’t preach this,because they don’t want to offend anybody,but this type sweet gospel lead people to hell. sheeps  never come to church because they want to go to hell,it is  because they want to go to heaven. so churches has fallen in Europe so badly. It a disaster.

I hope people from bostwana or south Africa can realised how God love them. The economy crises have hit Europe so hard and finances are down. I pray that God will raise my finances for me to visit your Ministry in the future, it will be a privilege and blessings for  me to see you my Prophet,but now I can’t due to many financial difficulties,but God is  faithful, I remain in faith and believe that God will take care of everything.

May God continue to bless you abondently  and your Ministry.

R Blaise  Djongoue

United Kingdom

Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 6:52 PM

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