Weak erection solution – testimony


On the pictures below is a couple that came to give testimony here at wccc today.

Their problem was that the man was has having a problem of erection cut during sexual intercourse with his wife.The man said that he had used drugs like cocaine and drugs like Viagra for boosting his erection in a way to please or satisfy his wife but all this was to no avail because it had side effects and it was damaging some of his body parts like the kidneys.

He also said that this weak erection was mainly being caused by the spiritual husband in the wife and the spiritual wife in him, but all this came to an end when they were delivered by God of Prophet L.N Justin and the husband was able to be given hits in the back and this revived his manhood and now have erection that the wife is even complaining that it’s now too much she cant handle the man now in the bedroom.

During the same testimony the woman also explained challenges that women face when they are with man who don’t have erection and advised the world on how to go through all this. In the end Prophet L.N Justin Hit the couple again because he wanted the husband to be strengthened more and also make the wife to meet to the power in the husband.

watch pictures below.

weak erection testi.2    weak erection testi.3


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