WCCC Cross Over: Testimony about Tithing

Testimony about Tithing
Testimony about TithingBelow is a lovely couple all the way from United States of America who testified about the goodness of the Lord concerning tithing. They have explained that they have never been here in WCCC before but they took a risk by commiting themselves towards this ministry. The couple said they started paying tithes to this ministry though they have never been here. They only learnt about WCCC through Youtube and since then God touched their hearts and today they brought forth their testimony to the glory of God. Prior to their tithing, the woman explained that they went through a series of setbacks, disappointments, financial problems and it went even further as they were about to lose their house. God almighty has done it for them as they both received increase in their salaries due to their commitment to paying tithes.

We thank God for this wonderful testimony, we believe the same God who made a way for them will do the same for you in Jesus’ name.

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