Testimony of Mr & Mrs Makhaling

On the pictures are Mr & Mrs Makhaling. came to the WCCC Tabernacle today to give acknowledgement to what God has done upon their lives. Mrs Makhaling tells us that for the past 6-7months now,she has being trying to get a permit as she is a Motswana and the husband a South African. “Each time i went to the imigration offices,they tell me they could not find my documents”,she says. It so happened that they meet the man of God Prophet L.N Justin. Upon meeting the Prophet, he blessed her with an Anointed Sticker.She says she stood no chance of believing in the sticker. As so,she went back to the imigration offices and by the grace of God met the director. It appeared as though that was all that was needed because that is the point at which she got her permit.

Glory be to God.

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