Testimony of Miss Desrean Moore


Dear Prophet L N Justin, my name is Desrean and I reside in London England,

I have been watching you on YouTube for a while now and I have more and more understanding about our Lord Jesus Christ,,the Holy Ghost and the Almighty God.,and how offerings and tithing partnering are very important to our lives.So with a happy heart I started tithing and also made an offering,in fact Just recently 26th of
November 2015.My son Liam left school 9 years ago with small qualifications and did not attend university as he was very keen with designing web sights and repair computers which he was self taught but jobs where sparce and not a lot of money coming in.Liam applied for the company Apple two weeks ago,applicant all had university degree
and he did not.Some had good jobs but still wanted the opportunity to work for Apple.God be the glory my son was offed the job and his job title is now Apple Genius,praise the Lord he is Good all the time. I am
still in complete shock as a neighbour said you have more chance getting into Havard University than getting to be Apple Genius.

Wow how wrong she was.Nothing like this has ever happened to us and I feel it,s only the beginning.

Thank you Lord Jesus and Blessings to all at

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