Dear man of God Prophet LN Justin,

I contacted you regarding a spiritual attack on my son where he was shot on his buttocks in a dream and when he physically woke up he felt life draining out of him. Not only that he could also feel a lump. You replied to me it is well. hallelujah my son lump disappeared and he is feeling quite well. Thank you Jesus CHRIST for using man of God. May he be eternally Blessed my prayers go out to him and all at WCCC.

Thank you God be Glorified


Testimony of Desrean Moore - London

TESTIMONY: Monkgogi Ramoroka,34 years from Botswana

Monkgogi RamorokaOn Monday the 23rd of January 2017,i was driving from work going home.It was a dark evening and i approached a railway just near Broadhurst.It was so dark that i could no see the road.I waited for some few minutes to check the distance of the Train,i did not see that the train has already approached my car.The front of my car was halfway on the railway.Something told me to stop and not accelerate.I looked to my left then right and immediately the train hit the car just by the driver’s side where i was sitting.

Monkgogi4The train carried me 20 meters from where it hit me.I did not see or know what was going on.All i felt was confusion,after the car carried me from the point of incident,my car rolled two(2) times with me still inside.I did not know what has happened until the car stopped rolling.The car was upside down and the seat belt was still on me making it hard for me to breathe.The belt squeezed me to a point where i felt loosing breath.i stayed 45 minutes in the car with my head upside down trying to remove the belt form me.After 45 minutes the belt finally released me and i got outside the car.

Monkgogi5I took a short prayer to thank God for saving my life.Everywhere i go i always carry anointed materials from the WCCC Ministry.At that time i had the anointed sticker with me. Every time i leave home or work,i would anoint myself and meditate.After the accident i was taken to the Gaborone Private Hospital where the doctors were shocked that i survived.I was bleeding from my head and the left area of my head had a fracture.The doctors advised me to have an operation but i refused as i believed that the same God of Prophet L.N Justin who rescued me from the trap of death that the devil put before me will heal me.Everyday i massaged the fractured area of my eye with anointed water.

Monkgogi3  I stand here today thanking God for His Love and Favor in my life.Today i drove from Botswana 400km to come to the WCCC Ministry in Randfontein South-Africa to give God glory and to shame the Devil.I would like to advise people out there to trust and believe in God and know that God is always with us.God is always watching over us.No matter where we are God is in our hearts and He loves us,continue listening to the teachings of Prophet L.N Justin and meditate and put them to practice and your life will never be the same.

Below are the photos of the wrecked car that he was driving at that time and when he was giving Testimony in church(WCCC Randfontein South Africa)

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Testimony of Brother Monkgogi Ramoroka

Blessing  Prophet and brothers and sisters in Christ. I wanted to give testimony of the anointed sticker which was sent to me. I printed it out and it has worked healing for me and my mom. When I have a head ache I touch it and put my hand on my head and the pain goes away. My Mom had a stomach ache she put it on her stomach we prayed and the stomach ache went away.

I am blessed to watch Blessing TV on you tube. I follow you guys on
you tube almost every service. Its so wonderful to see the power of God moving mighty.
Also please pray for me for God to lift me up and use me in ministry like you are used prophet in Jesus name.

Love you All ,
Brother Alan Davis

Testimony of Brother Alan Davis - USA

Testimony of brother Clement Mwinuka

Prophet Justin

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

healingProphet, I am writing this email with joy in my heart that the prayer you offered to me on prayer line and the word of healing you spoke to me last year has come to pass .

I would not like to take much time in narrating this testimony because you are aware of my case Prophet. Although the pain disappeared immediately after being prayed for however, the doctor recommended that I should continue with medical reviews every 3 months to monitor healing progress.

I went for medical review in December 2015, and after three months in March 2016 I went again. Surprisingly in March 2016 check up, the doctor noticed a significant improvement and suggested that from that time I will be checked after six months because that danger is now very remote. Because of that  I was scheduled for another check up on 8/9/2016. Last Sunday 3/9/2016  I could not come to Church because I went to Marina for ultrasound scanning and the radiographer who was scanning me was so shocked and started to ask me strange questions because he didn’t believe what he sees on the ultrasound screen, he then prepared his report and gave it to me to take it to my doctor on my appointment day 8/9/2016.

When I presented the report to the surgeon doctor, he confirmed that the sludge that were formed in my gall bladder have completely disappeared and everything is normal now and because of the good results there will be no more checkup appointment because I am now completely  healed . I have attached the medical report that gave that confirmation.

Remember, I am the person who suffered seriously to the extent that doctors at the Private hospital where I was admitted recommended that I should be operated and my gall bladder shall be removed and that was the only solution. But when I spoke to Prophet he told me that “it is well I should  come to South Africa and be in prayer line on Sunday”.

I remember man of God prophet Justin said in church that my sickness was spiritual attach and if I had attempted the operation it could have been a different story and Prophet confirmed to me that God has already healed me but I should continue with medical checkups.

Indeed the doctors have now conformed the words of the Prophet and it has come to pass. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ for saving my life and healing me completely.

Thank you JESUS.

Clement Mwinuka

Click here to download the medical report of our brother

TOTAL HEALING TESTIMONY - testimony of brother Clement Mwinuka

I am Irene Sabone from Toronto Canada. I will like to tell you that its not Mapula only Who is receiving Mighty miracles we too here we Receive by force.

My 12 years daughter she had pain in her leg last month , she was limping . I told her to talk to the pain in the name of Jesus  and that the pain will go. She told me know  that no the teacher was beating the whole class very hard so I prayed and it didn’t work. The teacher beat me too. She told me I will pray kuba kuba the pain will go. She started coating  prophet Justin ” children are you tired?No  Batswana are tired ?Yes, Polokwana are you tired? Yes, youth are you tired ?No iyooo iyooo. She slept after that in the morning she was not limping she went to school. In the after noon while she was at school she called my phone and told me that she was given a certificate of  character in the whole school.


Thank you Jesus

Testimony of sister Irene Sabone - Toronto Canada

Greetings to you all in Jesus Name !

Thank you very much prophet  L.N Justin for kindly sending me  the anointed sticker once again . I gave it to one of my friends who had a court case that has been going on for quite a long time and she was beginning to loose hope but I’ve been encouraging her with scriptures and daily devotionals plus prayers and i  am glad  to say that  she rang me this afternoon to testify about the goodness of the Lord , she finally got her  breakthrough ….she worn her court case , Hallelujah to the King of Kings !

I must say her testimony has really lifted up my Faith so much and i believe my case is also settled in Heaven in Jesus’ name .

Also i have been thinking about becoming a partner with Blessing TV to support the work of God so help me God !

Betsy McLean


Testimony of sister Betsy Mclean - United Kingdom

The miracle of the anointing sticker

I greet you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Prophet Justin, I thank God for you and the blessings he gave you through the church.

The anointing sticker is very powerful. Guess what happened to me. My wife was almost out of my house but with the anointing sticker I got her back. Even as I am speaking to you,

I don’t have enough space on our bed to sleep because she is sleeping  very close to my side until I am nearly

fall off from the bed.

I was told by a pastor that I have to pray very hard because my wife is going to leave me.

I saw the situation at home and I believed him because there was no more understanding at all. My wife refused to cook .There was constant confusion. At night when I called her for us make peace

she will move to the very end of the bed and be very angry. She even told me that by the end of this year she will not be with me anymore. I knew that it was not natural because every year the enemy will throw me out of the house and she will be out for many months before I  can fight to get her back.

I was thinking what to do when the Lord reminds me about the anointing sticker. So I waited until she went to work that morning then I zip the mattress and placed one of the stickers at  the head of bed the spot where she sleep then I zip the bed and went to work. When I returned from work, I was surprised to see that my wife was not sleeping at that spot. She was weak as if  something came out from her. She laid flat on her back with legs and hands opened wide. I asked her to give some space so I can sleep. She didn’t say a word and that was it. I even put one to my spot so there is nowhere for her to hide. Since then, there is peace, love and understanding. She is cool like ice  and she never returns to the ward again to sleep. I have to keep asking her to give me some space to sleep every time. The only problem she was left with is headache, but she is fine.

The anointing sticker is my police officer. Let them come now at night to scatter my home they will meet the police man there.

I am very very happy  prophet. I thank our Lord Jesus for his endless love.

                                                Sincerely yours,

                                               Bro. Nathan Kaye.

                                               New York,U .S. A

Testimony of Brother Nathan Kaye - New York, U .S. A

My name is Mmabatho Magano, I am 14 years of old, I am from Rustenburg. (South Africa).

My testimony goes like this…

When I was still young 10-11 years, I always complained to my parents that my abdomen is very painful.When my parents and I went to the doctor they said that I have constipation. The doctor gave me medication and it didn’t help. On the 31 June 2016,  I received my healing during the Mass Prayer. I felt some pain on my abdomen.The pain continued Monday, Tuesday but on Wednesday the pain came again PAINFUL. So I felt that there is something coming out of my vagina. So i ran quickly and i found that it was Fibroid.


On the 3 July 2016 I received another healing from Sinus. Since from birth I had this problem of Sinus. My mother got delivered from this problem Last time when the Man of God prophet L.N Justin was laying hands on the congregation.


Testimony of Mmabatho Magano

Name: Leah Maphefo Letshwenyo

testimony of Leah Maphefo LetshwenyoI came here on Wednesday with my friends it was my first time to come here and while the prophet was preaching things begin to change. Man of GOD he prophesied onto me about arthritis, i got healing throw prophecy and he told me that i will sleep like a baby he prayed for me, indeed i slept like a baby. Since Wednesday i didn’t drink my pills for arthritis i thank GOD for healing me.

Watch the Sunday Live Service: 26.06.16

Testimony of sister Leah Maphefo Letshwenyo


 instant healing I could not walk for four months, i have been going to medical and traditional doctors and i could not find any solution. It was difficult for me to do things for myself, i could not wear anything even my shoes,because my body was swollen so badly to an extent that my stomach was as if i am pregnant. To make things worse, at my village they spoke a lot of negative things about man of GOD Prophet L N Justin that made me not to be able to come to this church, my friend came to me and told me about (WCCC) church.and on Wednesday service it was difficult for me to come to church due to my painful feet, after the man of GOD had finished preaching, he prophesied onto me ” i have a bad pain as if someone has beaten me” i said to him that is true, then he stretched his hand unto me then i saw myself walking, jumping and running something i failed to do for four months. I really thank GOD for healing me.


 instant healing Testimony of Mmapula’s mother
My daughter has been sick for a long time ”for four months” .We took her to doctors and traditional doctors, and when she goes to traditional doctors she become worse and medical doctors she become better for short period. I could sleep during night because her body give us a problem i have to rub her and i have to take her to toilet. A friend came home ask us to come on Wednesday service, it was not easy for us to come to church. while we were in the service she was not easy because of pain, prophet come to Mmapula and told her what happen to her life. He pray for her things were change instead, i thank GOD for healing my daughter throw anointed water.

These testimonies have been presented during the Sunday Live Service 19.06.16 at WCCC Tabernacle South Africa

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Testimony of sister MMAPULA from BADIRILE Community Randfontein (South Africa).