TOTAL HEALING TESTIMONY – testimony of brother Clement Mwinuka

Testimony of brother Clement Mwinuka

Prophet Justin

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

healingProphet, I am writing this email with joy in my heart that the prayer you offered to me on prayer line and the word of healing you spoke to me last year has come to pass .

I would not like to take much time in narrating this testimony because you are aware of my case Prophet. Although the pain disappeared immediately after being prayed for however, the doctor recommended that I should continue with medical reviews every 3 months to monitor healing progress.

I went for medical review in December 2015, and after three months in March 2016 I went again. Surprisingly in March 2016 check up, the doctor noticed a significant improvement and suggested that from that time I will be checked after six months because that danger is now very remote. Because of that  I was scheduled for another check up on 8/9/2016. Last Sunday 3/9/2016  I could not come to Church because I went to Marina for ultrasound scanning and the radiographer who was scanning me was so shocked and started to ask me strange questions because he didn’t believe what he sees on the ultrasound screen, he then prepared his report and gave it to me to take it to my doctor on my appointment day 8/9/2016.

When I presented the report to the surgeon doctor, he confirmed that the sludge that were formed in my gall bladder have completely disappeared and everything is normal now and because of the good results there will be no more checkup appointment because I am now completely  healed . I have attached the medical report that gave that confirmation.

Remember, I am the person who suffered seriously to the extent that doctors at the Private hospital where I was admitted recommended that I should be operated and my gall bladder shall be removed and that was the only solution. But when I spoke to Prophet he told me that “it is well I should  come to South Africa and be in prayer line on Sunday”.

I remember man of God prophet Justin said in church that my sickness was spiritual attach and if I had attempted the operation it could have been a different story and Prophet confirmed to me that God has already healed me but I should continue with medical checkups.

Indeed the doctors have now conformed the words of the Prophet and it has come to pass. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ for saving my life and healing me completely.

Thank you JESUS.

Clement Mwinuka

Click here to download the medical report of our brother

TOTAL HEALING TESTIMONY - testimony of brother Clement Mwinuka
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