Testimony of sister Irene Sabone – Toronto Canada

I am Irene Sabone from Toronto Canada. I will like to tell you that its not Mapula only Who is receiving Mighty miracles we too here we Receive by force.

My 12 years daughter she had pain in her leg last month , she was limping . I told her to talk to the pain in the name of Jesus  and that the pain will go. She told me know  that no the teacher was beating the whole class very hard so I prayed and it didn’t work. The teacher beat me too. She told me I will pray kuba kuba the pain will go. She started coating  prophet Justin ” children are you tired?No  Batswana are tired ?Yes, Polokwana are you tired? Yes, youth are you tired ?No iyooo iyooo. She slept after that in the morning she was not limping she went to school. In the after noon while she was at school she called my phone and told me that she was given a certificate of  character in the whole school.


Thank you Jesus

Testimony of sister Irene Sabone - Toronto Canada
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