Testimony of Ruth, Ontario, Canada – Anointed Sticker : 29.11.15


Dear Prophet Justin,
On October 21 you sent me the Anointed Sticker via email, which I printed. The previous month I had sent in my prayer requests.
I want to testify of amazing  testimonies since the Anointed Sticker entered my home.
I had been having very bad pain in the two middle fingers of my left hand, especially severe in the cold weather.  And you can imagine in the cold here, it would become unbearable to the point I could not use my hand, so it was a really crippling situation.
Shortly after that, one day, I felt some heat in those two fingers, and at the same time pain in both, but I was in the house
and it was warm, so that was unusual. I started to massage the fingers and the pain went away. From that day, I was healed
of that problem, and it has been cold but I have not had a problem again. Last Saturday, it started snowing and I went out
in temperatures below zero without my gloves, just to test what would happen. To God’s glory, I am free, and now I wear
gloves just like any other person and they are sufficient to keep my hands warm. Praise be to Jesus.
Because this problem was my greatest concern, I did not mention that I also had back pain and pain in my feet for
several years. But at the time my fingers were healed I noticed that the back pain and painful feet had also been healed.
It has just been amazing.
After the cross over service, doors that were closed began opening. I have definitely crossed my Red Sea.
The first thing that happened immediately was my deliverance from lack of sleep. I used to go to bed often after midnight
and still wake up one or even two times before 5 am. That same week on Monday by around 9pm I started to feel very sleepy.
I thought something was wrong with me that day because it was so unusual. But the next day it was the same, and till today,
I am now sleeping normally from when I go to bed around 9 to 10pm until morning!
Concerning the job, I heard previously heard a testimony that was read during one live service on a Sunday a of someone who got a job after 8 years. My situation was similar, because the last job I had ended in December 2007 and I knew it would be well with me in just a matter of time.
In mid November I was contacted by a firm and scheduled for an interview. I had gone to so many interviews before and
written so many applications that I could not count. On Tuesday November 24th, I was called on a telephone interview. The interview lasted only six minutes, so I thought when I put the phone down that they did not think I was suitable for the job. Before even half an hour passed, I got a call from someone else in the company, saying that they will hire me and asking me if I could start work the following week on Monday 23rd. It was like a joke. When God takes over there is no sweat. Praise the Living God.
I thank God for this great ministry, God is using Prophet mightily to set the captives free. That is why Jesus came and died on the cross, to secure our deliverance. Thank you for the Anointed Sticker – People of God, 2 Chronicles 20:20 says:Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.
I give all the glory to God Almighty, and I believe that I have many more testimonies to come.
Ontario, Canada.
Testimony of Ruth, Ontario, Canada - Anointed Sticker : 29.11.15
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