Testimony of Brother Nathan Kaye – New York, U .S. A

The miracle of the anointing sticker

I greet you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Prophet Justin, I thank God for you and the blessings he gave you through the church.

The anointing sticker is very powerful. Guess what happened to me. My wife was almost out of my house but with the anointing sticker I got her back. Even as I am speaking to you,

I don’t have enough space on our bed to sleep because she is sleeping  very close to my side until I am nearly

fall off from the bed.

I was told by a pastor that I have to pray very hard because my wife is going to leave me.

I saw the situation at home and I believed him because there was no more understanding at all. My wife refused to cook .There was constant confusion. At night when I called her for us make peace

she will move to the very end of the bed and be very angry. She even told me that by the end of this year she will not be with me anymore. I knew that it was not natural because every year the enemy will throw me out of the house and she will be out for many months before I  can fight to get her back.

I was thinking what to do when the Lord reminds me about the anointing sticker. So I waited until she went to work that morning then I zip the mattress and placed one of the stickers at  the head of bed the spot where she sleep then I zip the bed and went to work. When I returned from work, I was surprised to see that my wife was not sleeping at that spot. She was weak as if  something came out from her. She laid flat on her back with legs and hands opened wide. I asked her to give some space so I can sleep. She didn’t say a word and that was it. I even put one to my spot so there is nowhere for her to hide. Since then, there is peace, love and understanding. She is cool like ice  and she never returns to the ward again to sleep. I have to keep asking her to give me some space to sleep every time. The only problem she was left with is headache, but she is fine.

The anointing sticker is my police officer. Let them come now at night to scatter my home they will meet the police man there.

I am very very happy  prophet. I thank our Lord Jesus for his endless love.

                                                Sincerely yours,

                                               Bro. Nathan Kaye.

                                               New York,U .S. A

Testimony of Brother Nathan Kaye - New York, U .S. A
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