SERMON: Are you a friend of Jesus?

SERMON: Are you a friend of Jesus? was preached by Prophet L.Justin during the Sunday Live Service 22.05.16. Click to watch the service John 11: 36 – 40. Lazarus was a friend of Jesus even when he died, he could hear the call of Jesus and came out. Lazarus was a friend of Jesus, yes […]

The God we serve, God of Deliverance: Jesus Christ

WCCC SUNDAY LIVE SERVICE: 20.12.15 Summary of events You may read more on Facebook    or  watch the video, click  full service MASS PRAYER TIME Break every covenant that you have made knowingly and unknowingly. Cut it from the source.Break it in Jesus’ name      DELIVERANCE TIME In Genesis, God divided darkness from the light. […]

Believe and trust in Jesus

What is your addiction? your sickness? your problem? there is no problem which is bigger than our Lord Jesus, whatever is your situation believe and trust in Jesus he will set you free. As the Man of God is laying hands on everyone here, believe that the same grace will reach you wherever you are […]