SATANIC CONFESSION BY Rain QUEEN:I Can STOP The RAIN’ and make it Rain again

During the Sunday Live Service on 03/01/16, extreme deliverance, a spirit named Rain Queen was arrested and the Fire of the Holy Ghost made that spirit to confess.

Watch this video to understand ( according to the devil ) how  he manipulates even the nature to cause calamity in the countries. This spirit ( according to the devil ) causes the rains in Limpopo.

What do you think then: If there is no rains in Limpopo Province, we should not hesitate to rebuke the Rain Queen because the spirit never dies.

(But we know all that,  God controls the nature even though He may  allow for some reasons the devil to cause troubles, the devil can manipulate the nature against people of God. Example the case of Job.)


And it is unbelievable but true! the Queen Rain confessed that in the council of  spirits of darkness, they try to Google the Prophet L.N Justin in order to know his weakness but they could not find him in Google. Is it true?

every thing is spiritually represented.


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