Those who cannot walk or anything that cannot walk begin to walk in Jesus name

Supernatural Healing.

healing in Jesus nameThis brother was healed in Jesus name.
The doctor said they have to operate the leg once again because it was not getting healed.
But during the WCCC Sunday Live Service on 12/06/16, the man of God, Prophet L.N Justin, prayed for this brother and instantly he confessed that there was no more pains. The brother could freely walk as you can see the pictures.

healing in Jesus name  healing in Jesus nameWhere did the pains go? the brother asked.

People of God, why cant we honor Jesus, He is the Healer, we need to think first about  what Jesus can do for us in any situation, when we are in trouble, we need to associate God, even when we go to see a medical doctor, we have to believe that healing comes from God, Jesus Christ is the healer, look at  Him in the spirit, with the hand of God, doctors can medically understand better our medical situation and then prescribe the right treatment.

Brethen, what is your situation? What is not walking in your life? command it now to walk as you believe in Jesus Christ. Can you remember the case of a man at the beautiful gate? – Acts 3: 1- 6.

(…Verse 5- So the man gave them his attention, expecting to receive something from them…)

Look, the lame man was expecting money  from Peter and John while Jesus Christ through peter, gave him the grace to WALK. Let us understand the will of God in order to have our prayers answered, God will always give us the best. The lame man wanted money as usual but Jesus Christ gave him the best.

What do you expect when you look at Jesus Christ or when you pray to Jesus?

Today we advise you to seek the will of God and pray accordingly, you shall receive the answer from Jesus Christ, what is not walking will begin to walk in Jesus name.

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