Prophecy: You were supposed to be a witch doctor by tradition not a pastor!

Prophet L.N Justin Wiped Out The Tears of A Pastor during The Sunday Live Service: 12/06/16/

accurate prophecy in South AfricaDuring the Sunday Live Service

( 12/06/16 ), the man of God Prophet L.N Justin walked straight to a pastor and this is the word:

>> Money comes to you but you cannot fulfill your dreams.
When you do not have money, you have a good plan but when money comes you cannot achieve or fulfill your plan
>> During the day, you feel like sleeping even when you drive, pray against accident
>> During the night you see a woman, that is a spiritual wife causing all this to you.
>> you are still connected to your tradition, you were supposed to be a witch doctor not a pastor, according to your ancestors, that is why they are fighting you.
accurate prophecy in South Africa by Prophet L.N Justin  prophecyThe pastor could not hold on his tears as the prophecy was very accurate, all the points of prophecy were confirmed true. The man of God used the anointed 
Handkerchief to wipe out the tears of the pastor.
The prophet prayed for him and he declared that from now on he will sleep well and all is now well in Jesus name.

What is your situation? God can still talk to you, He can use the Word, He can use His servants, He can use dreams… Connect today to God, He is able to wipe out your tears in Jesus name.

Brethen, meditate on Revelation 21:4 ( He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be nomore death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.” ) Amen!

Jesus Christ  is sending His servants to get the children of God out of bondage, but there is a role to pay: we have to personally declare the cancellation of every legal ground and stronghold, we have to do it by ourselves and Jesus Christ will assist us.
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