Prophecy: ( You want to settle in marriage but it is not working ). Please, read this

Let us meditate with this prophecy

prophecy and deliveranceThis sister received the word of prophecy through the man of God prophet L.N Justin during the Sunday Live Service 05/06/16.

This is the summary:
Who is the man next you? the sister replied, he is the man who wants to marry me, that is why I came here in this church.
The prophet continues: you have money, men follow you because of money and when you stop supporting them they vanish. I need to pray more to God for your situation in order to better advise you.

deliverance for marriageYour eyes must be opened in order to take the right decision.
The prophet prayed for her as you can see the pictures. The spirit of the Lord has taken the sister for a long deep sleep to restore her originality…

deliverance in Jesus name deliverance… During the extreme deliverance, the prophet continued with the prophecy for the same sister, this was the message:

” Sister I told you to take your time with God, do not be in hurry because you used to stay with men just for relationship not for marriage, you consider men just for pleasure, you are more focused on business but it was not supposed to be like that…”

What do we learn?

John 10: 10 taught us that the devil comes to steal, to kill and destroy…

The devil can steal from a woman the character of WIFE. When that character is stolen, the woman will then considered herself as a man.

When our intention in the relationship with our partner is not correct according to the Word of God, the devil takes advantage to give us  a wrong partner to steal the more what belongs to us, the devil brings a partner who will have the same wrong intention. We only get the right partner at the right time when our intention or motive in marriage is godly (James 4:3 ).

See how the bible describes a noble wife: Proverbs 31:10-31.

What should we do?

We need to seek patiently God ‘s intervention , He is the only Father who can take us out of troubles, God can restore what the devil has stolen.

We thank God for the deliverance of our sister, to God be the glory

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