Testimonies during the Sunday Live Service – 26.06.16 – Watch the video

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Testimony of Mr & Mrs Mokotsi

testimony of Mrs Mokotsi  testimony of  Mr & Mrs MokotsiI thank GOD for the man of GOD,i have been attending this church(WCCC) for two months. I came here for the first time to see where my husband is attending, the man of GOD prayed for me and i fell down , i was shocked why should be pushed my husband told me nothing happens to me. I had sores on my body man of GOD prayed for me, throw him i got deliverance. After deliverance things begin to change onto my life, before i could not able to study because of my illness i had, now i could.


Testimony of sister Leah Maphefo Letshwenyo

testimony of Leah Maphefo LetshwenyoI came here on Wednesday with my friends it was my first time to come here and while the prophet was preaching things begin to change. Man of GOD he prophesied onto me about arthritis, i got healing throw prophecy and he told me that i will sleep like a baby he prayed for me, indeed i slept like a baby. Since Wednesday i didn’t drink my pills for arthritis i thank GOD for healing me.

Watch the Sunday Live Service: 26.06.16

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