Polokwane crusade day two: prophecy time

It is time of prophecy. Pray that God talk to you through His Word, Vision or Dreams, ask God to open your spiritual Eyes so you may see well. As you are watching now the power of prophecy, let God begin to talk to you in Jesus name.

>>>Do you have money?

polokwane crusade day twoThe man of God went straight to a man and he asked him if he is money in the bank, the man replied yes. And the man of God continue by saying that the man does not have money because he is owing.
That was the introduction to a prophecy before he could explain further.
We cannot say that we have enough money when we are owing.

>Shocking and educative prophecy: Let your wife call you first pastor before you say you are a pastor.
The Prophet is busy giving a word of wisdom to a servant of God and he is delivering him and his wife.
The prophet has precised that the first people to be delivered are pastors, because a blind cannot lead a blind.

polokwane crusade day two  polokwane crusade



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