Mass prayer and prayer points

Only God can change your situation, its only him who can take you out of your poverty, sickness, hardships and all those calamities. Talk to him now. Every demonic power over your life be it ancestral spirit, witchcraft spirit, spiritual wife/ husband come out in Jesus’ name.

Dismass prayer1connect yourself from the spiritual umbilical cord, from the source, from ancestral spirit, from generational curses. cut that connection. Touch your umbilical cord as you pray and disconnect yourself in Jesus’ name.

Break that sickness, that poverty,limitation, kick it out from the source/

mass prayer2 mass prayer3


God is releasing what belongs to you now. Receive your total package now in Jesus’ name. Your career, job, promotion,marriage, let the power of God fall upon you and release what belongs to you. Distance is not a barrier, believing is your connection.

mass prayer4


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