How to bring Jesus Christ on the Scene

The desire of Jesus Christ regarding Healing, is to use Us as His instrument for His People.  

Everyone can read the Bible, everyone can know the Word of God, everyone can say: Be Healed In Jesus Name, but not everyone can bring Jesus Christ on the scene. God wants Us to represent Him powerfully ( John 14: 12 ).

How to bring Jesus Christ on the Scene?

To bring Jesus Christ on the scene, the Word of God must live in Us, the Word of God must get into our blood to gain supremacy over Us. It is through the Word of God that we know the Power of God. By studying, living or acting the Word of God, we become a new creature, God ‘s Word renews our Mind

( Colosians 3: 10 ) , we must be the doer of the Word by acting the Word.

All is about the Word, knowing the Word and acting the Word ( John 15: 7 ).

The Word of God is Spirit creating material things ( Gen 1: 14- 19 ), with the Word of God in Us, we can bring the power of Jesus Christ on the scene by faith. Churches inside are very quiet as if every one in the church is perfect without any demon. We used to entertain demons in the church, that is not what God wants us to do, our mission is to cast out demon by the Fire of the Holy Ghost. But when we bring Jesus Christ on the scene, demons can not resist or hide because Jesus Christ is Light and darkness is always exposed where there is LIGHT. When the Light of Christ is in the church, no demon can have peace.

There is nothing else, everyone can do what Jesus Christ did, everyone can be used by Jesus Christ like Prophet L.N Justin,and any other men of God, the secret is to accept and apply sincerely the Word of God. The desire of every Genuine men of God is to extend the Grace of God to others ( Mark 16: 15… ) for the kingdom of God to grow.

My people, allow the Word of God to dwell in YOU, signs and wonders will then follow you.

Should you need to learn more how a genuine servant of God can bring Jesus Christ on the scene, watch the following videos.

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