Holiness: Read this sermon preached by Prophet L.N Justin on 28/02/16

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Scriptures: Revelation 22: 12- 16 and Romans 12: 1- 2

family challengeBrethen, Holiness is a life we Christians we have to follow. God when He heals, blesses or when He gives, He does it forever. The problem we are facing is that we do not want to follow God’s principles, we are not able to maintain our deliverance because we are far to live a holy life.

prophecy2Why are we suffering? God is our Father, He prepared everything for us, everyone has his Lunch Box from the Father, God is a good father, but because of our ignorance, we have lost our lunch box or it has been stolen or sold to the devil by our own mistake… Many of Us have sold away our destiny because of lack of patience. What can we say about Essau in the bible? Essau sold his birthright ( Genesis 25: 29-34 ).

prophecy about bed wettingBrethen, we have a role to play, our role is to fear God, our role is to apply the Word of God. When someone has been delivered, he must not go back to ungodly things which he was doing before, those ungodly things open doors to the enemy.

Look!  David was anointed by God through Samuel, but as human, David became a rapist, he forgot that God was the one who put him in the position of King, David took advantage being King to abuse someone else wife. But when he realized that he did wrong, David repented and God gave him a new title: Man according to God’s Heart.

God can still give you a new title in your life, take the decision to change and God will surely support you because He will know that your confession is sincere, and He knows that in this World you will be tempted, but what does the bible say? “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. “ 1 Corinthians 10: 13.

God gave the opportunity to David to freely decide by sending Nathan to him ( 2 Samuel 12 ), today God is sending Prophet L.N Justin to you to tell you your problems and the cause of your problems. Can you now take the decision to follow the will of God?

Can you do like the King of Nineveh who decided to change after receiving the prophecy from Jonah? Jonah 3: 6/

Today God is sending Prophet L.N Justin to you.

When God knows that you want to live a holy life, He will support you in every temptation that will come across. Decide to live a holy life then your life will have a meaning.

The revelation 22: 12- 16 is warning us because we live like dogs, we used to go back to our past life after being delivered by the Father.

We pray that you take now the decision to change and follow God, let your mind be transformed by His Grace through His Word in Jesus name.

Sermon summarized by Brother Daniel

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