Delivered from fibroid 29.11.15

Distance is not a barrier. Nfichane 20 years of age, who received healing from fibroids which she never knew she had. In her testimony she explained that she followed the service on facebook and thats where she saw some women who received deliverance from fibroids. She further explained that for the past years she has been be having period pains but for the past five months the pains had vanished without any treatment.

Five months after the pains had gone, the lady said while she was in a combi she felt a strange pain through her waist. When she dropped off the combi she felt something dropping from her private parts and she rushed to the rest rooms where she found out that its a fibroid. She did not know its a fibroid until after she showed it to her Mother in the Lord (Mma Prophet) who confirmed that it is a fibroid.

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