Do not give up – The greatness through difficulties, challenges, frustration


prophet.LNGod nurture your greatness through difficulties, challenges, frustration and all that. The more you are challenged, the more you become fruitful and stronger. You must not give up when problems arise.

To be a christian does not mean one can not go through trials. Isaiah 43: 2 says “when you go through the waters it will not overflow you and when you go through the fire it will not burn you.” this clearly means that we will always encouter problems in life but Jesus encourages us to trust in him even when everything contradicts him. John 16:33. God does not want you to give up, so stand strong no matter how hard or difficult things may seem.NEVER GIVE UP

The congregationJoin us once more this evening for the Wednesday Live service with Prophet L.N Justin as he will be delivering the message from above. Remember we will be LIVE on YOUTUBE at 7pm or be online through the website

Bless you

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