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Demonstration of the Power of God

The man of God Prophet L.N Justin has demonstrated to the congregation the power of God, showing how an Handkerchief can be anointed and be used for the Glory of God ( Acts 19:12).
He took an Handkerchief of a brother and gave it back to him after anointing it, the brother could not control himself, he could not touch the Handkerchief because of a contrary spirit in him. See the pictures

demonstration of the power of God  demonstration of the power of God  demonstration of the power of God

Get your Handkerchief and touch the Screen of your medium as you watch the program.
Utilize the anointing of God through the Handkerchief and use it as a point of contact for supernatural healing, breakthrough and deliverance.

>>The anointed Handkerchief is now in the jacket of a brother, the man of God prophet L.N Justin, asked the owner of the jacket to put on the jacket or wear it,
This is amazing! the brother could not hold his own jacket because of the Handkerchief,

What is the meaning?

until the brother is delivered from that contrary spirit, he can use the Handkerchief. The brother was then delivered, he could later on touch his Handkerchief. Glory be to God.
See the pictures

anointing materials   anointing materials at polokwane crusade Limpopo


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