Delivering a sister from Denmark – 22.11.15

Delivering a sister from  Denmark – 22.11.15

Ms Mary Rasmussen all the way from Denmark visited WCCC Tabernacle for the first time and she was privileged to receive a word of prophecy. Prior to her visit she had encountered the power of God by watching the rebroadcast service of WCCC through youtube and thats how she got to know about this ministry. In 2014 she developed a strange boil in her private parts which forced her to seek medical attention to no avail. She went home believing God for a miracle through Prophet L.N Justin. Upon reaching home she started watching youtube videos where she found Prophet L.N Justin praying for viewers. She touched the screen of her computer with faith and fell down under the power of God..After 20 minutes she discovered that the boil had popped out to the glory of God. Since then, Ms Rasmussen was eager to visit WCCC and finally she has made it to the Holy ground. servant of God prophecied on her that they worship a shrine in her family and as a result of this, every year three important people die in her family especially in the months of November and December.

Below is the concerned woman as Jesus is setting her free. God can use any medium to express himself. In this case He used the medium of youtube to touch and heal Ms Rasmussen at the comfort of her home back in Denmark. Even you if you believe Jesus is able to do it for you.


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