We all need deliverance and deliverance is often a process

Deliverance Is Often A Process

(Please, read this message to strengthen your faith in God)

Maintaining deliverance is the most important part.

deliverance from SatanismWhile deliverance can be a one-time event, it can also be a process.

If you don’t receive all your freedom at once, don’t be discouraged!

Brethen, do not give up!

Sometimes it takes time to dig out all the junk in our souls. One session you may address one area of your life, while in another, you may address bondage in another. Or sometimes you may have several sessions to address issues in one area of your life. Either way, don’t be discouraged. Many times it takes multiple sessions before a person is completely delivered. Sessions can range from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the bondage that must be sorted out and worked through. You are the key, act with your faith to get fully delivered.

Never be discouraged, but keep pressing forward to receive what Jesus purchased for you with His blood on the cross! Sometimes it may even take more than one minister to bring that freedom, as different ministers may be by the grace of God more knowledgeable in various areas of deliverance. That is why you came to know Prophet L.N Justin, it is just a continuation toward your deliverance.

The goal of deliverance is wholeness

The ministry of deliverance is often a process which involves more than simply driving out the demons. There are usually strongholds to be torn down. Since strongholds are incorrect thinking patterns, this is done through the renewing of your mind according to the Word of God (Romans 12:2 ).

So for, it is important to pursue an intimate relationship with the Lord once you have been delivered. If you neglect your relationship with God, the enemy would be more than happy to begin finding ways to cause you to lose your newfound freedom. (Mathew 12:45).

The purpose of deliverance is to receive freedom from any hindrances in your life that would keep you from walking in the fullness of God’s plan for your life and your relationship with Him

It is important to get involved, you have a role to play:

>>Legal grounds, as many of us call them, are basically things in a person’s life which are giving or have given a demon the right to enter or remain in the person:

-Unconfessed sins,

-ungodly soul ties,


-holding cursed possessions (occult rings, etc.)

and so fourth can give demons a right to inhabit and torment a person. These legal grounds are removed through repentance, renunciation, extending forgiveness, etc.

>>Strongholds are basically incorrect thinking patterns in your mind. What you think is what you feel. Stop thinking negative, let your confession be positive. Confess Jesus Christ is your Healer, your Deliverer, your Savior, your Redeemer, your Protector, your Shepherd… Do not allow your situation to make you change your confession.

Strongholds are cast out as you meditate in God’s Word which reprograms your mind to think differently. God sees you as a precious child of His, so begin to realize and believe in God…you will feel secure.

I pray the above message will help you meditate more on God’s Word and to maintain your deliverance in Jesus name.

Please, watch this video: Opening prayer at WCCC Tabernacle with Prophet L.N Justin.

Remain blessed!

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