Deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ: 10.01.15

deliverance from Satanismdeliverance from addiction and satanism


The Prayer line section is your connection to God for Healing, Deliverance and Breakthrough.

Remember always to touch the screen of any medium you are using to watch Blessing TV and believe that any sickness,diseases and affliction of those who are being prayed for,delivered,being healed here in WCCC South Africa, you are also delivered and healed in Jesus name…you just need to open your heart and have faith. Distance is not a barrier.

deliverance from Satanism

Praying for a pastor

healing from skin deseasePraying against

skin disease and incurable disease

healing from skin disease deliverance

You can pray like this.

“Heavenly Father, the same way you have healed, delivered and blessed these sisters and brothers, do the same thing for me. By your grace, heal me from  ( list your case ), deliver me from ( list your case ) and bless me in the name of Jesus Christ Amen”

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