Deliverance from spirit of husband – 22.11.15 Keneetswe Kay Bankaka 34 years all the way from Botswana got a prophecy that she could be married by now but she went through a couple of disappointment regarding marriage. The woman confirmed that her first relationship just vanished like that with no reason and the current man she is staying with told her that he is confused as to whether to marry her or not. She also confirmed by saying she always see a giant man in her dreams. Prophet told her that men are running away because of this giant man who always visit her in dreams ( spiritual husband).

Below we see her as the man of God was setting her free from the root cause of all her calamities in Jesus’ name. Do you have the same situation? are you moving from one partner to the other? have you given up already? Jesus Christ is ready to set you free at anytime,only what you have to do is to open your heart to him. Away with the spiritual husband/ wife in Jesus’ name.

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