Testimony of Christian Djoussa

Greetings in the name of Jesus,
Christian Djoussa Blood stool
My name is Christian Djoussa, a minister of God from the Republic of Ireland. I would like to share a healing testimony.
I visited the WCCC for the period Dec 30 2015 to January 7, 2016 and I had the opportunity to reside in the Holy Land and take part in the services.
The reason why I visited WCCC was the search of God’s opinion on my ministry destiny, for which I received a clear answer through the prophecy of the prophet, Prophet LN JUSTIN.
In the mean time, I have been suffering from hemorrhoid for the past 30 years but I did not mentioned it to the prophet as I I personally prayed for it and was also prayed for by a renowned man of God a year ago and I  believed God will heal me at its own time.
Any contact with spicy food, pepper or chili will automatically cause me to stool blood and cause a swelling and discomfort in the anal region, making it difficult to seat or even walk at time. Through all my life I have been systematically avoiding  spicy food. I went to several places in search of healing and my hope was still in wait.
Upon my return home from WCCC, I made myself a spicy soup with red chili in order to fight off a forthcoming cold (as I travelled without coat and had to spend 8 hours in the cold winter in transit unprotected from cold) and to my great surprise after consuming that soup for two days, I noticed that there has been no counter-reaction, no blood stooling and no discomfort and no swelling in the anal region as I would have expected.
I was then encouraged to intake more of it and since one week now, I have been feeding purely of that spices and chili, and there is absolutely no pain, no blood, no swelling or discomfort of the anal area.
I give all the Glory to the Lord God almighty who have delivered me when I was expecting the least.
For the glory of God, please find attached below a picture of the blood stool taken a year ago.

Best Regards,

Better Is not Good enough, the best is still yet to come
With GOD nothing is Impossible
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