The WCCC Sunday Live Service – 26.02.17

Brethen Shalom! We thank God for today, it is the day the Lord has made for us. The WCCC Sunday Live Service has already started. Wherever you are, just believe that distance is not a barrier. Be connected by faith, and present your situation onto God, your life will never be the same again in […]

WCCC Sunday Live Service – 19.02.17

Brethen Calvary Greetings The WCCC Sunday Live Service has already started. Be connected by faith, distance is not a barrier. Wherever you are, by the grace of God, We believe you cannot escape the Anointing of God. The Power of God is so real, it is time to place your demand as the anointing of […]

Visiting WCCC Tabernacle in the Republic of South Africa

  About South Africa South Africa is found in Southern part of Africa,stretching along the South Atlantic and India Oceans. It is neighbouring with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and surrounding the Kingdom of Lesotho. Population: Approximately 53 Million People Main language: English, Afrikaans Currency: South African Rand 1 Rand approximately $0.08 Main local Mobile […]

Prophet L.N Justin preaches: “Patience pays”

PATIENCE PAYS Brethen, continue waiting upon the Lord, do not give up because what you need from God is already with you by Faith. Continue confessing positive, do not change your confession. Hannah’s situation in the bible teaches us that God can use human weakness to accomplish great things. Samuel, Hannah’s son, grew up to […]