Use the power of your tongue. Pray in Jesus name

kuba kuba kuba kuba kuba kuba kuba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Watch the video here Touch your umbilical cord, use your tongue now  and disconnect from ancestral spirit,spirit of poverty,spirit of failure,spirit of limitation,spirit of disappointment,spirit of witch and wizard,spirit of failure,spiritual husband/wife,from satanism, OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT IN JESUS NAME From the river,from the dam […]

Prayer against evil spirits

MASS PRAYER PRAYER You Demon You Ancestral spirit You Barrenness You witchcraft spirit You spirit of Poverty You spirit of Limitation You spiritual Husband I dont care how many years you have stayed in: my business my family my finances my career my education RECEIVE FIRE IN JESUS NAME

WCCC Tabernacle Live Sunday Service 27.12.15

Summary of events. Click here to watch Opening prayer   With faith filled hearts join us today as you  read and watch the event and receive the touch of God. Remember it is His will to heal, save, deliver and bless us.Join us as we bow down before our Saviour with praise and worship. Wherever […]

The God we serve, God of Deliverance: Jesus Christ

WCCC SUNDAY LIVE SERVICE: 20.12.15 Summary of events You may read more on Facebook    or  watch the video, click  full service MASS PRAYER TIME Break every covenant that you have made knowingly and unknowingly. Cut it from the source.Break it in Jesus’ name      DELIVERANCE TIME In Genesis, God divided darkness from the light. […]

Mass prayer and prayer points

MASS PRAYER TIME. Only God can change your situation, its only him who can take you out of your poverty, sickness, hardships and all those calamities. Talk to him now. Every demonic power over your life be it ancestral spirit, witchcraft spirit, spiritual wife/ husband come out in Jesus’ name. Disconnect yourself from the spiritual […]

mass prayer

WCCC Mass prayer 29.11.15

Mass prayer time. Remember always to join us in spirit as Prophet L.N Justin leads the congregation into mass prayer. You spiritual husband/wife, you sickness, you witch and wizard you ancestral spirit controlling my life, business, career, marriage, education, finances i command you out in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ. Disconnect yourself from every […]