WCCC Sunday Live Service: prophecies

PROPHECIES: 28.02.16

Brethen, it is not impossible for God to talk you, humble yourself, apply his Word and call upon Him  (Jeremiah 33:3).

God is still saying something about your situation,it might be your marriage,health,finances,career,education and job. As their problems and challenges have been located yours is also been located. Just believe and have faith that as God has a solution for the people who are being prophesied He also has a solution for you too in Jesus Name. There is nothing impossible with God.

prophecy about bed wetting

prophecy about bed wetting

This sister has been prophesied, God knew her situation of bed wetting, she came out to receive her deliverance in Jesus name.


Spirit of Husband

Another accurate prophecy about a sister having a spiritual husband, and the spirit being so strong could even sleep with her during the day, the sister confirmed even that day on Sunday 28.02.16 the same spirit made her WET.


eating in the dream

witchcraft initiation

This brother was prophesied, he ate in the dream a very tasty food but he did not know that he was initiated in witchcraft and that was causing him loss of appetite and stomach pains.


family challenge

a visitor from India

“We shall see” that is the word given to this brother by his family member and that caused him a lot of set back.

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