Testimony of Andrew Haini Motlhatlhedi

Last year around August i sent the email below and God has done it for me.

“Good day

this is Andrew from pretoria @ hatfiled, i usually watch Prophet Justin on Blessing Tv  you tube page.

lately i have been facing challenges in every are of my life,to the
point whereby i was kicked out of varsity due to unstable payment
because i was paying my tuition fees. i really need God’s intervention
upon my life, career & financial breakthrough as well as restoration. i need deliverance.


 i did got a company that has sponsored my tuition fee and R44000 was paid by the other company, of which the same company offered me a job. but now three companies they are also fighting for me to go and work for me. of which i chose to work for the company that has sponsored me. i want to thank God of prophet Justin for what He has done for me. i truly believe that distance is not a barrier. I remember when i set the email last year.prophet responded back that” IT IS WELL” and now i testify that it is well indeed.

I am now looking forward to come to Botswana to meet a prophet face to face or if maybe he is coming to South Africa anytime soon, i will definitely go to meet him. prophet Justin i would like to send my tithe at your ministry that the gospel of the Lord Jesus may be preached. please be my spiritual father because i do believe that God has called and anointed you for the orphans like me.

Kindly regards and God Bless

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